Stand Ye In Holy Places

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The grove of trees where Joseph prayed became his sacred place;
The mountain high where Moses spoke with God face to face;
Where Enos in the wilderness humbly knelt to pray—
So as did they, Stand ye in holy places.

The temple offers promises of peace from above;
Our homes can be a heaven on earth if filled with His love;
And He has said where two or more are gathered in His name—
It is the same. Stand ye in holy places.

Stand ye, stand ye in the place God wants you to be.
With your eyes on His Light,
Keep Him always in your sight.
Stand ye, stand ye, and all darkness will flee
If you will always be found standing on sacred ground.

To stand in holy places we don't need a grove of trees.
Each time we walk away from sin or get down on our knees;
Bear strong a testimony, Serve our fellow men
We obey Him: "Stand ye in holy places."

Repeat Chorus

Scripture reference: Doctrine and Covenants 87:8
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