I Couldn't Help You

A Compassionate Service Duet
(Sung by Carolyn Speakman, Joan Sowards)

Voice I

I couldn't find the time to help you, my sister;
I've had so many things to do and so little accomplished.
I knew you needed help, but I started out so late,
I knew I should have called, but I couldn't make the date.
I couldn't find the time with so many things to do
And so, you see my sister, I couldn't help you.

Voice II

I feel so lonely today.
Won't somebody stop on their way?
Listening for the doorbell to ring,
A phone call or anything.
Lonely day; Stop on your way.
Just to see a smile would brighten things awhile.

(Two parts sung together)

Visiting Teaching, Compassionate Service, Relief Society, Charity

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