2010 WY theme Be Strong

Each year I write a song for the Mutual theme, using the suggested scripture word-for-word. This scripture Joshua !:9 “sung itself,” (result is the first verse) except the melody ran out before the last three words, “withersoever thou goest.”

I considered leaving these words out completely, (considering that “withersoever thou goest” are archaic words and wouldn’t be missed) but a little nagging voice told me they were important. When I thought about it in more depth, wondering why the Spirit would tell me the last three words were not to be left out, the chorus came. He wants us to know that wherever we go, God is with us if we have courage to follow the Spirit and look to Him for guidance.

In the Church website’s guidelines for the theme, we are instructed that our girls should be “encouraged to focus on the standards in For the Strength of Youth and on building faith in Jesus Christ.” That is why the line “put your faith in Jesus Christ” is in the song, strong on straightforward. We should know without a doubt who to put our faith in.

The second verse originally said: He will be at your side, and will walk as your guide. The passiveness in those words also didn’t sit well with me. His promises are not just for the future, but for right now. There should be no doubt that-- He IS at your side, walking NOW as your guide, and has PROMISED not to leave you.

I hope that each girl who hears and sings these words will ingrain them into their hearts, and in times of doubt and trial, they will come to mind and give strength.