We Have Seen His Star (2009)

Written By Joan Sowards

We have seen his star and we have traveled far
Across the sea and land and through the desert sand.
Led by its brilliant light we have traveled day and night
To find the Holy One, even God’s own son.

Driven by our quest to find a babe so blessed
That one new star would shine to announce his birth divine.
With faith we blaze a trail, may our courage never fail
As we now travel far, following his star.

We kneel at his feet and gaze into his face so sweet.
This tiny babe so choice Makes our weary hearts rejoice.
Our journey, hard and long, now is sweetened by the song
Of a mother’s lullaby to her baby from on high.

The precious gifts we bring to pay homage to our king
Now lose their splendid worth In the meaning of His birth.
Sing “Glory unto God!” We will shout the news abroad
That this tiny infant one is truly God’s own Son.

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