Write Here, Write Now - ANWA

Lyrics and Music by Joan Sowards

Official song for the American Night Writers Association


Now the day is done
and all the world has gone to bed.
But for me no sleep will come
with these thoughts rushing through my head.
I have learned with time that inspiration's just too rare;

It never will wait, even morning's too late.
Not a moment to spare.

So I must write here, write now.
When the world is asleep
my mind is clearer, somehow.
In the quiet of the night,
I find peace enough to write.
Write here, write now.

So the pen reveals my thoughts
across a virgin page.
In the quiet of the night
my mind has set the stage.
All too fast the time slips by,
I wish it were not so.

But I can't hesitate,

my thoughts will not wait,
they continue to flow.


Written By Joan Sowards

Singer: Jennifer Klippel

Pianist: Kari Hardy

Recording Engineer: Ted Sowards

Year: 2006

Topics: Journals, ANWA, writing, writers, creativity, talents, scripture

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