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Seasons of Joy SSA

Growing, understanding, giving and receiving,
Seasons of joy in a woman's life.
Each day I am yearning, each day I am learning
To be the woman, the best that I can be.


Seasons of Joy in a woman's life;
I am a daughter, a sister, mother, and wife.
Spring turns into Summer, and then into Fall.
Making the season I'm in the best season of all.

Springtime is a young girl on the brink of life.
Full of hope and longing, soon she'll be a wife.
Summer is young bride. Love's dream now fulfilled,
Joyously expectant, mother's hope revealed.

Autumn's woman mellows with a love for all,
Husband, children, kinship; wonderful is Fall.
Queen of all is winter, crowned with cap of snow.
Sorrows make but keener joys she'll always know.


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