Serve in Newness of Spirit

Music and Lyrics by Joan Sowards
Ref: Romans 7:6

Serve in newness of spirit.
Look beyond the letter of the law.
Listen to the promptings that the Holy Ghost may share
To use your strengths and talents for the ones who need your care.

Look to your heart and listen to the spirit.
You'll know where to start if you let it's promptings guide.
No one else is quite like you with talents as your own.
When you serve your fellow man
Then your love for God is shown.

Serve in newness of spirit,
Serve with a desire to please God.
Show him that you're thankful for each individual gift,
And you will find through giving many other lives you'll lift.


Topics and Keywords: Service, talents, Holy Ghost, promptings, letter of the law, Releif Society

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