Ride With a Witch

Lyrics and Music by Joan Sowards


A pumpkin sat in a pumpkin patch
waiting for the fun to begin.
When he looked up in the sky
and what did he see
but a witch on her Halloween spin.
So he called, "Hey, Witch can I come a-long?
I've never been on a flight!"
And she called right back,
"Sure, hop right on, but you'd better hold on tight!
Yeah! You better hold on tight.

'Cuz We're gonna fly
Clear up to the sky
On my old witches broom,
Right past the moon,
Higher than high.

Soon those two were soaring away
when the witch began to make the broom flip.
But that poor little pumpkin couldn't hold on
and he began to slip.
He tumbled off into the night
that seemed even darker than pitch.
Well, the moral of my story,
it seems quite plain;
never hitch a ride with a witch!
Never hitch a ride with a witch.


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