Ponder the Path of Thy Feet

Music & Lyrics by Joan Sowards


"Ponder the path of thy feet:"
Will it lead you back to God?
Ponder each step that you take,
Each choice that you make
decides the path you'll trod.

Every path will lead to the Savior's door.
He will be clothed as the hungry, lonely and poor.
Every path will turn temptation's way.
Will you have courage to say,
"I'll follow my Lord."?

Ponder the desires of your heart.
Do you cherish His words,
"Come follow me"?
Ponder the words that you speak.
Do they strengthen the weak
with His love and peace?


Songs for youth cover cd

Written By Joan Sowards

Singers: Relief Society

Women's conference Choir

Conductor: Merrilee Webb

Recording Engineer: Women's Conference

Topics: trio

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