Old Fashion Christmas (1989)

Remember our Christmases long, long ago,
When we would go look for a tree in the snow.
Remember our families would gather within,
Singing songs and playing games until dinner would begin.

In our olde fashion Christmas, In our olde fashion Christmas,
Remember those Christmases, Oh! How recent they seem.
Our Olde fashioned Christmas, Our Olde fashioned Christmas,
We'll always remember if only in our dreams.

Remember how Lucky was hitched to the sleigh,
and Grandpa would take us for rides Christmas day.
Remember the fun while we'd laugh and we'd sing
To the beat of the hoofs, and the sleigh bell's ring


Remember our stockings all jung in a a row,
So simple and plain, and tied with a bow.
Remember how happy the children would be
To wake Christmas morn' with gifts 'neath the tree.


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