My Friend, My Mother

Lyrics by Fawn Siegrist Conover Music by Joan Sowards


In my eyes as a child you were so beautiful and mild.
And you labored all alone to make your family a home.
Now the years have gone so very fast,
And now I am grown at last. With a family of my own,
Like you we struggle to build them a home.

You are my mother. A friend like no other.
You braved the storm, You kept me warm,
You stood alone, Your guiding light shone.
And in return, You only asked that I learn.
My friend, my mother.

Though the miles are between us it is nice we're still so close.
We have always shared our feelings and have always shared our hopes.
And in time of need you're there for me,
You've helped me see the best in me.
With prayer and with time this guiding light of mine will shine.


My mother. My friend, my guiding light, my mother.

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