Mary and Elizabeth (1988)

Music by Joan Sowards Arr. by Deborah Leavitt
1988 Christmas Card


Oh, Mary, was that you who called out to me?
Oh, Mary the babe beneath my heart knows the joy in thee.
Oh, Mary tell me of the news you bring,
Tell me of this wondrous thing.
Oh, Mary, Mary, Mary.

My soul doth magnify the Lord.
And I have obeyed his word.
We've waited for the chosen one so long now I'm to bring forth God's son.
Listen to the news I bring.
Listen to my heart sing.
I am the handmaiden of the Lord.

Written By Joan Sowards
Arr. by Deborah Leavitt

Singers: Kristy Stapley & Jen McNaughten

Pianist: Rachel Noble

Recording Engineer: Ted Sowards

Year: 2005

Topics: Charistmas, John the Baptist, Christ birth, hand maiden, Elisabeth, Scripture based Luke 1:38-56, Luke 1:41 John leaps in womb, duets. two parts

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