Let the Spirit Guide You (duet & violin)

By Rainey Glass, Johnell Lewis and Mellanie Murdock (Ages 17)
Arr. by Joan Sowards

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Written by Rainey Glass, Johnell Lewis
and Mellanie Murdock (Ages 17)

Singer: Varci Smedley, & Jannet Olsen

Pianist: Karin Guthrie

Recording Engineer: Ted Sowards

Year: 2007

My life is just beginning
And I'm thinking on my own.
But the world is so confusing
I can't do it all alone.
Then an answer to my prayer
Tells me what to do.
I hear Him softly say to me
"Let the Spirit guide you."

Let the Spirit guide you
When you have lost your way.
You will feel his loving power,
and never go astray.
So, let the Spirit guide you,
He'll help you choose the right.
You can always trust in him.
He'll guide you with his light.

As a young woman in these latter days
It is hard to do what's right
For Satan's always tempting me
t's hard to see the light
Then I read my scriptures,
They tell me what to do.
These precious words run through my heart,
"Let the Spirit guide you."


Let the Spirit guide you.

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Topics: Journey through life, Faith, Testimony, Holy Ghost or Spirit, Daughter of God, Maturing, Prayer, Path, Trust, Youth Conference

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