Joan Sowards

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Joan Sowards a writer, composer, and a good mother

Thank You For Finding Me, My Friend

Music and Lyrics by Judy Trudell
arr. Joan Sowards


We lived as spirits before our birth.
We kept our estate to come to this earth.
I was lost and looking to find my way.

Father, I Seek Thy Spirit

Father, I seek thy spirit now on bended knee.
I pray thy spirit will bring me closer to thee.
I want to show I love thee and always do what's right,

Old Fashion Christmas (1989)

Remember our Christmases long, long ago,
When we would go look for a tree in the snow.
Remember our families would gather within,

Counting Christmas (2011)

Lyrics by Tasanee Sowards Campbell:

ONE little baby sleeps on the hay in a manger far away.
TWO earthly parents watch Him sleep as their night long vigil they keep.

We Have Seen His Star (2009)

Written By Joan Sowards

We have seen his star and we have traveled far
Across the sea and land and through the desert sand.
Led by its brilliant light we have traveled day and night

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