Immanuel -

Christmas Card for 2004

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These are our first attempts to record a song. Please keep that in mind
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A virgin shall conceive and bear a son. He will be perfect all his days, The only one. For unto us a child is born, Unto us a Son is given, And his name shall be Immanuel. (Immanuel, Immanuel.) Let us walk in the light of the Lord. Let us heed Jehovah's call. He is the Shepherd, We are his lambs. He will gladly give his life for all.

Our grief upon himself he will take And with transgressors he'll be numbered For our sake. He'll pay the ransom for our sin, Victory over death he'll win He is born to show us the way. (Immanuel, Immanuel.) Let us walk in the light of the Lord, For he loves the servant and master the same. He makes his offering to all mankind. Rejoice and praise his holy name. Immanuel

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