I Still Believe In Christmas (2007)

Music & Lyrics by Joan Sowards

I still believe in Christmas and in that story old,
That God sent his Son to earth as prophets had foretold.
I still believe that angels hovered o'er the earth,
And with their glorious songs of joy,
proclaimed our Savior's birth.

I still believe that shepherds, in their humility,
Knelt by a lowly manger bed, the face of God to see.
I still believe that wise men followed through the night
A path that led to Bethlehem, guided by a brilliant light.

I believe, I still believe.
And if I find I stand alone in an unbelieving world,
I will still believe.

I still believe God loves us and cares for all mankind,
And as the wise men sought of old:
If we seek him, we'll find.
And I believe at Christmas we should look to Him,
Renew our faith, regain our hope in the Babe of Bethlehem.

Believe, Just believe.
And if you find you stand alone in an unbelieving world,
Look to Him, you'll find that you can still believe.

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Written by Joan Sowards

Singer: Jamie Taylor

Pianist: Karin Guthrie

Recording Engineer: Clint Harrison

Year: 2007

Topics: Christmas wiseman wisemen, faith, son of god, Christmas

Music video at http://youtu.be/QtatuCegQag

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