Faith, Hope, and Charity


A key was turned in latter days
To bless us evermore.
Twas through the prophet Joseph Smith;
He opened Heaven's door.
And many years since then have passed,
But we still hold this creed,
To feed the hungry, clothe the poor,
And comfort those in need.

Faith, hope, and charity—
Let our motto be Faith, hope, and charity.
Our Father, we will serve Thee.

So sisters, come together now,
Let service join our hands,
Not only for the friends we know,
But those in many lands.
Our Savior, who has gone before,
Through love has shown the way,
Has given us the charge to serve
In this, the latter day.


Topics: Relief Society, Sisterhood, trio, trios, duets, virtue, atonement, love, compassion, hands of heaven, serving, help, helping, SSA,

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