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You Can Be The One

Music and Lyrics by Erin Morley, arr by Joan Sowards
1. You can be the one standing tall
when the world would make you feel small.
You can be the one to care

You'll Get To Heaven Yet

This fun song includes clips from familiar hymns, words changed to reflect a woman's busy life.

Beautiful Dreamer

Lyrics and Music by Stephen Foster and Joan Sowards

For Grandmother

Count on the Values -- Two Part

Count on the Values is now updated to include Gold, the value Virtue!


White stands for faith, Blue divine nature.
Red, individual worth, Green, knowledge treasured.
Orange, choice and accountability, Yellow, may good works shine.
Purple, integrity, and Gold means virtue can be mine.

Count on the values to improve each new day.
Seven values to guide my way.
Living and striving to make each value mine
As I learn to live these precepts line upon line.

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